Our Services

Technical support

By relying on its own technical team, SPI also manages the presence and intervention of manufacturers to guarantee its customers the needed support in all phases of their development.

SPI technicians can therefore ensure the coordination and monitoring of product development for customers with several technical experts from different producers, thus guaranteeing customer support in the development of multi-product formulas.


In addition, SPI also relies on local sales teams, particularly in Algeria and Morocco with the distribution companies of the PMS group (Distrim et Prochimag), but also on other African markets, thanks to its local partners. These privileged partners thus provide access to local storage facilities (security stock, consignment, etc.) as well as billing and financing possibilities in the monetary currency of each country concerned.

Present in Africa and the Middle East for more than 45 years.

Through the PMS group, our presence in Africa and the Middle East dates back over 45 years.

Active for many years in commodities intended for all Industrial or Life Sciences sectors, we have evolved over time towards the distribution of specialty products with high added value, focusing in particular on the Food sector through the creation of SPI.